The Ultimate List Of The Best Cheap Pottery Wheel 2024

Pottery making is an art. It’s a brilliant medium for people to have fun, to let their creativity take flight, for them to express themselves. And it’s a fact that pottery-making has come a long way since its advent.

It has become much easier with the latest technology. You have more control over your work and can manipulate your crafts much more.

However, with these developments, many different types of machines have popped up with a huge range in price variations. You may be taking double takes on some of those hefty price tags!

However, before you get frightened off by those alarming price tags, why not do some more research and look around for the more reasonable types that are just within your reach?

Yes! There is such a thing as a cheap yet amazing pottery wheel. And we’re here to tell you about them!

And you can learn to efficiently use the wheel you got on a budget by referring to this article: Simple Steps of Using a Pottery Wheel (And What Mistakes to Avoid).

Read on to learn about some of the best pottery wheels that you can get on a tight budget that will not only satisfy your pottery cravings but won’t be lacking in the quality department either.

Falling In Art Heavy Duty Metal Pottery Decorating Banding Wheel Falling In Art Heavy Duty Metal Pottery Decorating Banding Wheel
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Shimpo-Nidec - Banding 7 Diameter Shimpo-Nidec – Banding 7″ Diameter
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Sculpting Wheel- 7 Diameter All Metal Sculpting Wheel- 7″ Diameter All Metal
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Falling In Art Heavy Duty Metal Pottery Decorating Banding Wheel 12'' Diameter Falling In Art Heavy Duty Metal Pottery Decorating Banding Wheel
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Boley Pottery Shop - Pottery Wheel Boley Pottery Shop – Pottery Wheel
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Sunflower Pottery Wheel Sunflower Pottery Wheel
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Portable Pottery Wheel For Adult & Kid Beginners Portable Pottery Wheel For Adult & Kid Beginners
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Mini Electric Pottery Wheel Machine Mini Electric Pottery Wheel Machine
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WETECH Pottery Wheel Kit,  Art Pottery Studio WETECH Pottery Wheel Kit, Art Pottery Studio
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HEEPDD 12V Mini Pottery Wheel Machine 4.5cm HEEPDD 12V Mini Pottery Wheel Machine 4.5cm
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1. Falling In Art Heavy Duty Metal Pottery Decorating Banding Wheel

Falling In Art Heavy Duty Metal Pottery Decorating Banding Wheel

Sometimes, you may not be looking for a very fancy or extravagant machine that is capable of doing various tasks with the switch of a button. You may just want a simple spinning wheel that is small enough to carry around with, but at the same time is stable enough to handle various loads.

If this sounds like something you’d want, then the Falling in Art Heavy duty Metal pottery wheel is our topmost recommendation for you.

Key Features:

Portable: It’s just 7” in diameter and weighs only 5 pounds which makes it very easy to carry around and set up anywhere.

Material: Both the base and the top are made of heavy duty steel, which makes the wheel almost indestructible!

Non Skid Rubber: This ensures that the pottery wheel remains firmly in place. The surfaces of the wheel are also non-slip which means that even a smooth and light sheet piece of paper women flutter away if placed on it.

Joint: This is an integral part of the wheel and with heavy duty ball bearings installed which ensure that the top rotates smoothly.

Manual: You just need to rotate the wheel using your hand and control the speed over it that way as well. Easy, right!

Height: It has a height of 4-1/4 “, which makes it easier to handle.


  • Size: 7 Inch Metal
  • Material: Iron
  • Brand: Falling in Art
  • Product Dimensions: 7.8 x 7.6 x 5 inches; 4.41 Pounds
  • Pattern: Solid
  • Metal frame makes it durable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to carry around
  • Does not slip or skid
  • Can be used for pottery, decorating etc.
  • It has to be operated manually.

2. Shimpo-Nidec – Banding 7″ Diameter

Shimpo-Nidec - Banding 7 Diameter

Shimpo-Nidec comes with another amazing banding wheel that is stable, durable, and easy on the wallet too!

It comes with a lot of handy features that make it a favorite amongst pottery fans and takes the topmost spot on our choices for an affordable pottery wheel.

Key Features:

Size: It is compact in size due to its 7” diameter that makes it very easy to carry around and install anywhere of your choosing.

Heavy Duty: It is made of heavy-duty materials that not only make it durable but long-lasting as well. Less money wasted on maintenance and no need to buy a new one for a long time!

Heavy: The steel framing makes it heavy, which thus makes it stable for you to use. You can rotate it as fast as you want without fear of it toppling over.

One Piece Design: The sealed ball bearings make this one-piece design a smooth functioning device that will elevate your pottery-making experience to whole new levels!


  • ASIN: B073V8ZMP9
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Item Weight: 9 Pounds
  • Manufacturer: Shimpo-Nidec
  • Small and easy to set up anywhere
  • Smooth functioning
  • Stable while rotating
  • Durable to use
  • A little heavy so difficult to carry around

3. Sculpting Wheel- 7″ Diameter All Metal

Sculpting Wheel- 7 Diameter All Metal

Another name that immediately pops up in our head is the Sculpting wheel when we ask ourselves what is the best cheap compact pottery wheel.

This wheel is also durable, has smooth functioning and has a variety of usages. You can use it for your pottery making, decorating cakes, ceramics or even flower arrangement!

Key Features:

Cast Metal Construction: This allows the device to have a long shelf life, without you worrying about it wearing down.

Heavy Duty Ball Bearing: This is that magic feature that makes sure that the top of the wheel rotates smoothly, giving you a satisfying experience.

Design: The top has concentric circles carved into it. This makes measuring much easier which makes centering your work a piece of cake!

Weighted Rim: If you want that extra momentum for your spinning wheel, then this is the feature you’re looking for.

Non-Skid Base: This handy feature makes sure that the device stays put in itself while using. Say goodbye to drilling holes in your precious work space!


  • Manufacturer: National Artcraft
  • Product Dimensions: 7.4 x 4.7 x 7.5 Inches
  • Item Weight: 7.41 Pounds
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • ASIN:B0007D2F80
  • Smooth functioning
  • Weighted rim adds to momentum
  • Lasts for a long time
  • Height of 3-¾” make it very easy to work with
  • Holding Capacity is a little small i.e 40 Pounds

4. Falling In Art Heavy Duty Metal Pottery Decorating Banding Wheel

Falling In Art Heavy Duty Metal Pottery Decorating Banding Wheel 12'' Diameter

Another product from Falling in Art, this variety is also one of the best budget pottery wheels for you to get your hands on while not compromising on quality.

It’s a great banding wheel that is perfect for sculpting, pottery making and decorating various different types of crafts.

Key Features:

Size: The 12” wheel is perfect for creating different types of beautiful and creative products of art that will satisfy your creativity.

Indestructible: The base, top and the joint are sculpted with superior quality materials that will make them endure lots of load and keep them functioning smoothly for a long time too. The base is made of iron metal while the wheel is made of a durable aluminum alloy.

Rubber Pad: This holds the wheel in place which adds to the stability of the wheel and ensures that no mishaps occur during the whole process.

Non-slip Surface: This makes sure that nothing, even a piece of paper, slips from the surface.

Lightweight: No one wants to drag a heavy bit of machinery with them whenever they want a change of scenario while working. Lucky for you, the falling in art Heavy Duty Metal wheel is light enough to be easily carried anywhere.


  • Size: 12 Inch Metal
  • Material: Iron
  • Color: Silver/Black
  • Brand: Falling in Art
  • Product Dimensions: 12.6 x 12.4 x 5.39 inches; 9.35 Pounds
  • Multi functional wheel ideal for various form of decorating and crafting
  • Made of indestructible material
  • A height of 4-⅓” makes it easy to to work with
  • Non-slip base adds stability
  • Surface may rust if left wet and not dried immediately

5. Boley Pottery Shop – Pottery Wheel

Boley Pottery Shop - Pottery Wheel

If you want to give your kids something that is child-friendly, easy to get the hang of, and is very fun to play with, then the Boley Pottery Shop Pottery wheel is our recommendation for you!

It is one of the best cheap pottery wheels out there and it will definitely make your kid’s day!

Key Features:

Creative Exploration: This pottery wheel comes with an array of features and additional items that allow a very healthy boost of your child’s imagination. It sparks their creativity and enhances their motor skills, while sharpening their problem solving mindset. What more could one want!

Safe: The motor runs with the help of AC batteries. Thus, the motor does not overheat.

Superior Quality Clay: Made of synthetic materials, you will find no dirt or dangerous chemical ingredients that may affect your child. These are also monitored by various reputable organizations to maintain quality control.


  • Package Dimensions: 14.9 x 9.4 x 3.1 Inches
  • Item Weight: 3.34 Pounds
  • Manufacturer Recommended Age: 3 Years and Up
  • ASIN: B07Q9XQS7L
  • Manufacturer: Jiayi Painting Materials Co, Ltd.
  • Great for beginners
  • Simple and fun to use
  • Safe for children to use
  • Comes with various accessories that help in various design techniques
  • It is not very sturdy

6. Sunflower Pottery Wheel

Sunflower Pottery Wheel

The sunflower pottery wheel is the ideal gift for your kids. It develops their cognitive thinking and learning functions, while ensuring that they have fun and create amazing pieces of art.

So if you want to get a child a gift that not only attracts them, but is also loved by their parents then we would definitely suggest getting the Sunflower Pottery Wheel.

Key Features:

Engaging Design: The bright and colorful appearance makes a great attraction for the kids. It also brings children to play with natural materials more, to explore more without causing too much of a mess for their parents.

Safe: You need not worry about any accidents happening with the installation of an AC adapter with batteries. The clay that comes with it is also non toxic and devoid of any dangerous chemical substance.

Easy To Learn: The instructions that come with it are very easy to study, so no frustrated little kids!

Multiple Accessories: With a wide array of accessories, playing with clay becomes an absolute joy.


  • Package Dimensions: 14.17 x 9.45 x 3.27 Inches
  • Item Weight: 2.66 Pounds
  • Manufacturer Recommended Age: 3 Years and Up
  • Manufacturer: Mookis
  • Fun and bright design to attract kids
  • Easy to learn
  • Safe to handle
  • Multiple accessories make pottery making even more fun
  • Battery at times runs out of energy quickly

7. Portable Pottery Wheel For Adult & Kid Beginners

Portable Pottery Wheel For Adult & Kid Beginners

It’s beautiful, it’s affordable, it’s portable and it’s great to work with. Yes, we are talking about the Portable Pottery wheel for Adults by KKTECT.

Its one of the best pottery wheel on a budget and all of its wonderful features makes a great gift for anyone who is a craft enthusiast.

Key Features:

Strong Motor: With an adjustable speed that can range between 0 and a whopping 1500 rpm, the machine allows anyone to make multiple high quality products very easily and quickly.

Design: One of our favorite aspects of the design are its sleek design and aesthetic appearance. Just look at it, who wouldn’t want it?

Metal Frame: If you want a pottery wheel that will last, then be prepared for some good news. The Portable pottery wheel comes with a sturdy metal frame that makes it not only durable but you can also say goodbye to rusting too!

Wide Use: Because of its size and weight, this machine is very portable and simple enough to set up anywhere.

Easy To Use: Dual turntables and adjustable speeds make sure that machines are easy to get the hang of.


  • Brand: ‎KKTECT
  • Model Number:‎ LG-1320
  • Product Dimensions: ‎15 x 15 x 10 cm; 610 Grams
  • Item Weight: 610 g
  • Rated Voltage: DC12V
  • Material: Metal
  • Easy to use, especially for beginners
  • Adjustable speeds allow more flexibility in usage
  • Durable and long life
  • Little noise emitted, thus comfortable to use
  • Can be considered a little small
  • Strong motor can cause a little instability

8. Mini Electric Pottery Wheel Machine

Mini Electric Pottery Wheel Machine

An amazing option for all of you is the mini electric Pottery wheel. Why? This is the question that may pop up when we boast about this superior machine.

The answer is that this tiny piece of machinery is capable of making so many beautiful and intricately designed objects while being easy to use, pleasing to look at and fun to work with. Is that not an offer worth getting?

Key Features:

Portable: It’s small, compact and designed to be carried anywhere, anytime. Work on this tiny bundle of fun with anyone you want, wherever you want!

Diverse: You can make so many things with this machine, be it small ceramics or complex carved pottery pieces.

Intricacy: It’s small so the objects you’ll be creating will become even more detailed and have exquisitely made designs.

Speed Control: A handy knob helps you control the speed between 0 to 1500 rpm to help make the whole process of letting your creativity manifest much easier!

Material: The superior metal used ensures that the object is strong and is not prone to nasty bouts of rust. Neat, right!


  • Speed: 0-1500 RPM
  • Diameter Of Rotating Wheel: 6cm / 2.4 Inch
  • Rotating Wheel Thickness: 0.7 cm/0.3 Inch
  • Voltage: AC 110V
  • Material: Metal
  • Size: About 8.6 x 8.6cm
  • Weight: 1.41 Pounds
  • Practical to use
  • Safe usage due to leak protection
  • Quiet operation for comfy functioning
  • Energy saving feature saves costs
  • Appealing design makes it a great gift for family and friends
  • Difficult to get the hang of

9. WETECH Pottery Wheel Kit, Art Pottery Studio

WETECH Pottery Wheel Kit,  Art Pottery Studio

Do you want your bored child to have something that is not only a quiet use of time, but is also a great catalyst for your child’s mental and cognitive abilities to spike?

If yes, then boy do we have the right thing for you!

The WETECH pottery wheel is an amazing opportunity for the kids that comes with a lot of amazing features to make anyone’s, let alone kids, experience be the best out there.

Key Features:

Attractive Design: You want your kids to be drawn to the machine. And WETECH’s bright and colorful appearance is one of the friendliest designs out there for your kids to come to.

Tools: These will help give the pottery a very personal touch. This sense of ownership is something that will help your child grow.

Easy To Use: It’s very easy to get the hang of, something very important for younger children!

Child Development: This machine will not only teach kids creativity, but also improve hand-eye coordination, problem solving, all the while allowing them to have a good time!

Simple: No need for an oven to bake the clay as the air dry clay will do the job just fine without it. It’s also much safer for anyone too!


  • Material: Plastic, Paint, Clay.
  • Package Size: 12.6*9.4*3.1 Inch.
  • Recommended Age: 6 Years and Up.
  • Package Includes:  1 X Pottery Cool Clay Studio, 1 X 800g of Clay, 1 X 6 Colors of Metallic Paint.
  • Improves your kid’s mental performance in various spheres
  • Air dry clay ensures no use of a complicated oven
  • Cannot take a lot of load

10. HEEPDD 12V Mini Pottery Wheel Machine 4.5cm

HEEPDD 12V Mini Pottery Wheel Machine 4.5cm

The HEEPDD 12V Mini pottery wheel is a high quality machine that is easy to work with and is great at making amazing pieces of art

This all comes with a great price too, so that you can buy it without being guilty about wasting precious money.

Key Features:

Easy To Use: The machine is renowned for simple handling and easy navigation through

High Quality: The use of aluminum alloy makes this machine durable and resistant to various types of loads.

Compact: It is lightweight and tiny enough to carry around. This not only makes it easier for anyone to set it up anywhere but also it can be stored without any difficulty as well!

Speed: With a speed going up to 1500 rpm, you are sure to get wonderful and artsy products from this amazing wheel.

Low Noise: Do you want an annoying, loud rumbling/humming in your house? Well, we guarantee that you won’t have that with HEEPDD’s pottery wheel


  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Weight: 1496g/52.8oz
  • Plug Type & Voltage: EU Plug 100-240V, US Plug 100-240V (Optional)
  • Power Adapter: 12V DC
  • No-load Speed: 1500RPM
  • Rotary Wheel Diameter: 8.5cm/3.3 Inch
  • Rotary Wheel Thickness: 3cm/1.2 Inch
  • Machine Body Size: 15x15x7cm/5.9×5.9×2.8 Inch
  • Low noise made
  • Easy to learn
  • Portable to carry around
  • Can be installed anywhere
  • Cannot handle a lot of load


Getting a pottery wheel is an amazing and perhaps life-changing experience. There are so many things to look forward to with pottery making, but the budget can be a huge obstacle in this life-altering moment of our lives.

That is why you need to get your research cap on and find out about all the amazing, yet on-budget pottery wheels you can get your hands on.

We hope that the list helped get you closer to your ideal machine and we wish you good luck on your crafting journey.

Happy Pottery making!

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